1. To set the stage for this series of tweets/summary here, let me just explain how shitty things have been lately. UPS has lost multiple shipments of product in the last week. I’m operating on minimal sleep. I had to stay at two hotels and my rental car had issues the morning of the con. Some of the stuff I needed didn’t arrive, other stuff did and it was just a mess. Hotel internet is so bad that it’s basically non-functional. Help didn’t show up so I’m manning 2 tables on my own. Ultimately shit sucks, but it’s getting better as the day goes on.

    Most of all, I make the mistake of saying, “don’t worry, after all this shit, it’s not like it can get WORSE.”

    1. Showed up for tumblr prom. Already hearing comments about how people don’t want to dance. Idly comment that I hope there’s booze and am looked at like I’m the devil. WELL OK.

    2. I don’t dance, but I watch a girl’s purse. Two cute tardis girls ask me to dance, and I have to turn them down, because I’m watching said purse. bummer. :( Would have actually danced, even w/o booze.

    3. Middle age man (sneakily?) taking pictures of dancing (probable) 14 year olds. Why….. Vanishes before I can do anything about it like ask what his deal is.

    4. Confirmed no booze. There’s water. :| Will later learn we need it.

    5. From text to boss, “THEY ARE SHUTTING DOWN DASHCON???? if they don’t get 17??” someone comes to stage to announce the hotel is buttmad at us for existing, and we need to give them 17k. Uh-huh. Dubious until confirmed by staff, but hooboy, people look upset already.

    6. “oh my god lol they may not open up tomorrow, holy shit I’m dying” < text to boss. Important to note that at this point I have had a blast at dashcon, I am dying because GETTING TO THIS CONVENTION has been so much trouble, and really, cancelling it would be the icing on a shit cake.

    7. “This is a mess omfg” “oh god they pulled tonight’s stuff for the moment they’re pulling us into a room to talk.” “feel like i’m being led to principle’s office, swear i didn’t do it.”

    8. short version, “hotel doesn’t like us, they want 17k up front to deal with this”

    People, at this point, start throwing money at the front desk. Like, I mean literally throwing money. People are PISSED. Most people are confused, because some random ass person came up and started worrying people and it snowballed from there. Jfc.

    9. Boss, “This is history in the making, you got to be a part of history.”

    Me, “holy shit this is horrible people are crying.”

    Boss, “OMG”

    10. Have resigned self to laugh instead of cry because it legitimately can’t get any worse at this point. Getting here has been a mess, I’m on minimal sleep and there’s no booze.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: “the con hotel didn’t realize the kind of people [tumblr] would be.” HAHAHA HOLY SHIT.

    11. People are chanting about wild cats? not sure about the reference.

    12. MOCKINGJAY SIGNAL apparently this starts to mean be quiet like when you’re in elementary and you hold up two fingers and shhhh.

    13. “How is this real life” is texted to my boss.

    14. “people are literally running into other people in an attempt to give money.”

    15. weeping girl count: 8. I want to give them all tissues.

    16. “10 bucks says we make it.” some random guy starts announcing things ??? people are very concerned. Mockingjay signal again. Overhear, “is this cultural appropriation if it’s from a book that’s not real” and AM NOT SURE IF SERIOUS OR NOT???

    17. People have been locked out of their rooms. Counted 5 people in swimsuits shivering who apparently are unable to get into their rooms again. Super shitty, hotel.

    18. Quotes of the night,

    "I just don’t know how this could happen."
    "I hate the staff, hoW COULD THEY DO THIS TO US."
    "I’m not crying, I was JUST IN THE POOL."

    19. Evidently staff is used to people attending for MODEL TRAIN CONVENTIONS? holy shit nothing can prepare you for this oh my god.


    21. Various fandoms called upon and cheers result.

    22. Carry on my wayward son is played, massive sing along occurs. Mockingjay sign again. Now we’re singing les mis?


    24. Queen is being sung. Friend I made at the con says, “I bet they’ll play we are the champions” when we make goal.”

    25. apparently it’s 20k they need? this is all poorly explained/vaguely confusing. 

    26. jfc people saying “TWEET MISHA” “tweet john green.” “tweet mark ruffalo.” pls no tumblr what are you doing

    27. “make john green find the thing?” not sure what this is referencing. people chanting frantically.

    28. mockingjay AGAIN. Stirring speach by random dude who seems to make announcements. “This is our place, this is us.” blah blah band together, money. Someone is throwing homestuck gang signs and trying to explain “morelles?” I am not entirely certain they didn’t say “moray eels” but hey. Random dude is delivering speeches as cecil baldwin? P sure he’s referencing nightvale.

    29. Someone explaining homestuck to someone else. Tumblr.

    30. Lawyer threat count: 4. Man is so angry his face is red, threatening lawyer.

    30b. People are tweeting Rad hotels, calling this bullshit. 

    30c. People are being dicks to hotel security/staff. Uh, not how to endear them to us, guys.

    31. Made it. Kane is crying. People screaming and in tears. Lots of people hugging, narrowly avoid being slammed into by a super happy person. 

    32. FUCKING “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” Sage called it.

    33. “Saved, I’m getting steak and shake” is my last text. I got steak n shake and it was sub par. Off to do this again tomorrow. 

    Ultimately, everything terrible is vaguely hilarious when you’re exhausted and shit just keeps getting worse. 

    Honestly though. I don’t think it can get worse than this. I’m setting 5 alarms for tomorrow just in case, anyway.

    Edit: midnight. 

    Can I just talk about the sheer number of really confused parents. That was hilarious on every level.

    Also lol at the post now missing. I’m really perplexed by the whole way all of this was handled. I know no one exactly works in PR here but like… this was just a mess all around. 

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